Led опель мерива а можно ли поставить

Led опель мерива а можно ли поставить

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They have been sold hundreds of units worldwide after that.

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The brand-new microscope body with fashionable, dynamic and elegant curves is designed by Mr. High resolution 2. Real 3-Dimensional Precise Image Reproduction 3. Large Depth of field 4. Wide Field of View 5.

Led опель мерива а можно ли поставить

Good Contrast. It could avoid the risk of dangerous damages to the patient under treatment when the surgical microscopes with accessories fully atteched swing down sharply because the locking stoppers loose accidently.


It avoids the risk that microscope knocks down to the face of patient. Dual Diaphragm It can increase the depth of field, especially at highest magnification observation. AM Series Surgical Microscope.

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  • Pendulum Function by Angle Rdation Device is available. The angle rotation device can perform pendulum function. It allows operator to remain his natural and straight posture while he is observing the patient with a certain angle.

    He can change the direction of the optical pod only, while keeping the binocular at its position. You are able to maneuver the microscope to a position that allows you to keep good, healthy posture and still observe the patient.

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    This improved posture can eliminate the back and neck pain. Biological Microscopes.

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  • Stereo microscopes. Metallurgical microscopes.

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    Instruments for electronic industry. Medical scope.


    Other optical instruments. Apochromatic optics design could correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast and viea depth of image. Orange Filer: UV-protection to prevent premature curing of composite Green Filer: better recognition of blood vessels, e.


    An integrated video camera 1 CCD is availabe in specific models. It is very convenient for the dentists to communicate with the patient by this device avoiding exterior heavy beam splitter and video adapter and video camera. The images from integrated video camera can be inputted into a monitor or a TV set directly or into a computer by image collection with USD adapter or stored into a hard disk recorder.

    All ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability assure you can work with our microscope for long time precision operation comfortably.

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  • It would avoid or reduce your problems on the back and beck. With hanging Counter-balanced pantographic arms design and tension control adjustable connection arms, the optical head can be easily maneuvered at any position and stopped where you wanted in its working range.

    All maneuvers can be done by one hand with a little force. A special switch is fitted into the arm. The lamp will keep " on" when the optical head moves in the normal working ranged and the lamp will turn off automatically while the optical head moves out of the normal working range. Alltion offers a lot of ergonomic and function extension optional accessories for you to upgrade your microscope at any time.

    Led опель мерива а можно ли поставить

    Your microscope can be upgraded with assistant scope. All Alltion microscopes can be equipped with newly standard photos and video cameras as optional accessories. Please contact Alltion for latest technology whenever you like.

    Third angled arm can be 3-D movement.